Are You Ready to Experience

Natural Relief From Pain?

Are You Ready to Experience

Natural Relief from Pain?

Are You Ready to Say “Goodbye” to that Pain?

Let me help you discover the real cause of your pain, and help 

you finally release it!

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Private Work with Sharon 

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Pain Plans 

Hip, Knee, Lower Back, Carpal Tunnel,
Ankle, Hip, Shoulder Pain Plans

Can you help me with my pain? 

In these 2 videos I will guide you through a process to actually "see" for yourself what is keeping you in pain. 

Pain Plans

The Angel Program ~ How To See Your Angels

About Sharon

I'm Sharon Smith, an authority on pain release using holistic, natural methods. I can tell you with confidence that the pain you are experiencing right now comes from some time in your past when you felt either overwhelmed by emotions, or you were experiencing emotions that you judged as "unacceptable" to feel.

That might be because what you were feeling did not fit in with your view of yourself. For example, “I'm a good person so it's not OK for me to be angry.”

The real cause of your persistent pain is actually very simple… but most people don't know it!

If you have been suffering from pain almost anywhere in your body over an extended period of time, the most likely cause of that pain is something that may come as a surprise to you…

In this short video I'll show you how tapping will address the root cause of your pain by providing a quick and easy way to release trapped emotions.

Success Stories

I couldn't believe it... In less than an hour my pain was gone!”

I had suffered from tennis elbow (tendonitis) for over six years. It affected my whole life every single day… getting in the way of my work and preventing me from playing sports.

No amount of rest seemed to make a difference. But after one 45-minute session with Sharon, the pain was gone — and has never returned. I really feel like I have my life back

Ben Hunt

Sheffield, UK

Anyone Can Heal Using This”

The first minute you start using Sharon's work, you feel such loving energy.

This is so easy to understand and utilize. You just sit comfortably and follow the sequence Sharon shows you.

Anyone can heal if they use these techniques.

Sherry Darg

Sherry Darg

Wilcox, Arizona

“The audios available at are amazing!"

Sharon guides you, not only through a powerful process to eliminate the underlying issue, but she provides such clear and targeted explanation upfront, so the exercise really hits home.  I have used several of these audios and have experienced definite and positive shifts!


Thank you for sharing your gifts, Sharon!

Vicki Edge

"Wired for Success

"My back pain is gone!" 

I can’t thank you enough for showing me how to eliminate my back pain. Who knew that with some guidance I had the resources in me to heal myself without consulting a doctor or resorting to meds!

Arlene Stearns

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