Hip Pain Plan

The Hip Pain Plan deals specifically with a problem that affects many of us.

Discover the fast, easy, and effective way you can get rid of pain in your hip(s)... in minutes.

Having pain in your hip is no fun! I know because I suffered from it myself for over twenty years. It can be totally miserable...you can't get comfortable....can't go for a walk...can't even sleep well sometimes because of the pain.

If you are like many of us, you have suffered with persistent pain and stiffness — possibly for many years. You have probably tried to manage the discomfort with painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. But the pain is still there!

The reason why the pain never totally goes away is because you have not addressed the root cause of the hip pain, which is usually emotional.

I tried many of the same things that you've probably tried, but nothing gave me lasting relief until I discovered Tapping. The reason none of the traditional solutions helped was because they simply didn't address the real underlying cause of my pain… trapped emotions!

Sound crazy? Well, that's exactly what I thought … until I tried it.

The relief was almost immediate!

I was able to move, bend, and exercise in ways that I hadn't been able to for years!

I was blown away, and I knew I had to learn more about Tapping and why it is so effective. I threw myself into studying the technique, and discovered that my understanding of pain — and the causes of pain — was all wrong.

I realized that my hip pain was not the result of an injury or anything I was doing.  It was all about what I was FEELING!

The pain was there to get my attention, telling me that there was something emotional that was "stuck" in my life (and in my hip!) that did not need to be there.

What was stuck? Simply old emotions that I had buried and forgotten about years before!

As soon as your become aware of the emotions you've "buried", you still need a way to release them, and that's where Tapping works so well. It's a simple technique that anyone can follow, from the comfort of your favorite chair. The Tapping Pain Plan programs your body to be ready to release old emotions, and all you need to do is simply follow along.

Try It For Yourself Now With This Short Sample Video Discover the fast, easy, and effective way you can get rid of pain in your hip(s)... in minutes

The Plan:

The Hip Pain Pain Plan deals specifically with a problem that affects many of us.

In the main Hip Pain video, I will help you release some of the "classic" emotional things that I've seen in my clients who had hip pain. We will use Tapping as the tool to identify and release those buried emotions so you can let go of them — and with it your pain.

The final portion of this video is a guided meditation specifically designed to provide physical support and flexibility for your hips  as well as leaving you feeling calm and peaceful.

In the first video we cleared some of the "classic" emotions that I know tend to trigger pain.  In this second 26 minute video we will target more specific causes of your pain. You may be asking, "Do I need both?"  The answer is yes, you absolutely do! Please use these in order the first time you do this work to get the best result.

BONUS!  I know that some of you may have already had surgery to replace your hip joint.  This package is still definitely for you! I've created a 7 minute video to help you more fully integrate your new artificial hip with your own body.  This can also help with regaining flexibility and decreasing your recovery time.

100% Guaranteed to Work

The Hip Pain Plan is guaranteed to help you shift the blocked emotions and deliver significant and lasting relief from hip pain.  Within the first 30 days, if you're not 100% happy, I'll simply refund your money!

What's Included with this plan? 

  • A complete 50-minute Tapping program that is designed to target and resolve the emotional root of your hip pain, giving you instant and long-lasting relief.
  • In this second 20 minute video we will target more specific causes of your pain.   You may be asking, "Do I need both?" The answer is yes, you absolutely do!
  • Plus I'm including a bonus video for Joint Replacement Integration 
  • BONUS! Grounding Exercises - this quick 5-minute daily grounding routine is the perfect way to prepare for every day
  • BONUS! Brain Balancing Meditation - this is an incredibly useful short exercise that can help you reactivate every part of your brain in just 6 minutes
  • PLUS! You'll also get my Chakra Clearing Meditation - a great 15-minute guided meditation to leave your energy flowing freely
  • Instant Access
  • Safe, secure payment
  • 100% Guaranteed within 30 days of purchase
  • Say goodbye to your hip pain today!