Foot Pain

Foot pain keeps many of us from doing the things others take for granted. 

Going for a nice walk on a beautiful day...walking the aisles at the grocery store.....exploring a vacation destination on foot...foot pain can keep you from doing all of these and so much more. 

You've tried so many things to get rid of the pain.  What if the pain in your feet is trying to get your attention?  What if the pain is actually trying to talk to you about some important things?  When we experience emotions that we find either overwhelming or unacceptable we frequently simply "stuff" them down or try to ignore them  in an attempt to not have to deal with them. This is a form of self protection. Fear is one of the most common emotions that accompany foot pain.

As an example:

Fears about moving forward in life or with some situation can often become "stuck" in feet.  Because it isn't healthy for us to hold on to these fears we begin to have some pain. This is a "reminder" for us to let go of the trapped fear.  But if we don't know how to listen and interpret this "reminder" we continue to experience the pain. What we need is a way to begin to "listen" to this pain so we can let it go.

In this program you will begin the dialog with pain as you release the pain.  You will learn the valuable tool to quickly identify the causes of your pain and also how to use Tapping to release the emotions attached to it.  When you release the emotions the pain goes too.

Try this short Tapping video to experience a bit of the process now.

100% Guaranteed to Work

The Foot Pain Plan is guaranteed to help you shift the blocked emotions and deliver significant and lasting relief from foot pain. Within 30 days of purchase, if you're not 100% happy, I'll simply refund your money!

What's Included with this plan? 

  • Video 1 - Releasing Pain - In this first 43 minute video together we will begin to release some of the trapped emotions and pain from your feet.  We will work with all of the "classic' things that I know can commonly affect feet. You'll also begin to learn how to check in with your own pain.  We will also do a guided visualization designed to provide your feet with strength, support and flexibility.
  • Video 2 - Trapped Emotions - In the second 31 minute video we will explore and work with your own specific trapped emotions...because you are a unique individual and your pain is too.
  • BONUS! Grounding Exercises - this quick 5-minute daily grounding routine is the perfect way to prepare for every day
  • BONUS! Brain Balancing Meditation - this is an incredibly useful short exercise that can help you reactivate every part of your brain in just 6 minutes
  • PLUS! You'll also get my Chakra Clearing Meditation - a great 15-minute guided meditation to leave your energy flowing freely
  • Instant Access
  • Safe, secure payment
  • 100% Guaranteed within 30 days of purchase
  • Say goodbye to your foot pain today!