Private Work with Sharon

Is this you?

✓Have you tried everything you can think of to get out of pain?

✓Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed?

✓Are you beginning to think you may never find anything that really helps?

Sharon SmithI’ve been there too.

I experienced all of these things until I discovered that pain is actually a finely calibrated information system in the body.  It’s here to help us not harm us and is trying to communicate some important things about our bodies and our lives. The problem has been that we do our best to ignore it, work around it or medicate it.   We haven’t been open to listening to pain because we haven’t had the tools to hear it clearly.

 I’ve developed a proven system that allows us to both access this valuable information while also releasing the pain quickly and effectively through the use of targeted mind-body techniques.

Here’s why we may be a good fit to work together privately: 

Do you feel encouraged?  Maybe hopeful? Great! Your next step is to fill out the contact form here. During this hour I’ll ask lots of questions to create your Personal Pain Blueprint and we can see if we both feel like a good fit to work together. This is also how I determine if I’m able to help you. 

My private programs are tailored to your individual needs and designed to provide you with the best results. Your journey through this work will be deeply personal and powerfully transformative.

Just click below to schedule a time that’s convenient for you. You’ll  immediately receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link for our meeting. If you need to change or cancel you can easily do that from the same email.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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