Private Work

You’ve tried everything to get out of pain…

You’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed…

AND … you’re worried you’ll never find anything that actually works…

I was there too … for years! It was awful.

I’m sure it is for you too.

Physical pain is the result of emotional overwhelm and the deeper things happening underneath.

EFT Tapping will release the emotions, but simply releasing the emotions isn’t enough. Using my psychic ability I see the patterns underneath the pain…the real root causes of it.

Here’s why we may be a good fit to work together privately: 

…here are some of the things you may have

  • Destructive patterns from childhood playing out in your adult relationships
  • DNA patterns inherited from parents keeping pain and painful situations stuck firmly in place
  • Soul contracts that need to be completed…the feeling of WHY is this happening to me?
  • Enormous longing for closure with deceased loved ones
  • Physical pain masquerading as the problem rather than just as a symptom of the larger thing underneath

Deep healing is the key to releasing pain and making lasting change, and requires many things including a relaxed brain state and increased neuroplasticity.

Everything you need to feel better and stay better is included in my private work. 

This is the solution to help you heal on all levels…not just the physical.

We start with a conversation!

As we talk, I’ll use my intuition to see the things underneath your unique problem. Yeah, it’s kind of amazing!

The recommendations are based on what's best for you and what we discover in the initial consultation. Your private work is completely tailored to your specific needs.

Curious about the details of working privately? 

Common Questions:

Can I just do a single session?
Years ago I discovered that single sessions with clients provided them with some wonderful shifts and amazing help. However, most of them fell back into their old patterns because they didn’t have the foundation needed to maintain the change. For this reason, I no longer offer single sessions. 

How much does it cost?
This private work is completely customized to your individual needs. Once we have a conversation and determine what you need, then I will make a recommendation. Pricing is based on your specific needs. 

Do you feel encouraged?  Maybe even hopeful?  Great!  
Your next step is to schedule a complimentary conversation with me.