Welcome to the Program!

*Before starting the Angel Program - read my disclaimer here. 

The instructions and this work are simple….but it's designed to create a profound result.

You will be using a variety of mind body techniques as you do this work.  Just follow my instructions in each of the two videos. 

Tap where I tap...be sure you speak the tapping out loud...and do the other exercises as I describe them to you in each video.

You will do the work contained in the two videos (about 4-6 minutes total) three times a day for three weeks. 

Doing the two videos is one repetition.  You do three repetitions each day for 21 days.

Be sure you tap along with me and speak out loud. If you miss a day just add it on to the end....if you miss several days I recommend starting the program over. 

Do the work in video #1 and in video #2, 3 times a day for 3 weeks (21 days). 

These two videos are only about 4-6 minutes total and are to be done in sequence. Doing these two videos is one repetition.

I recommend you space the work so you have at least 3 hours between each repetition.  

EXAMPLE: (you may choose times that work best for you--this is an example of spacing--just be sure to allow at least 3 hours in between repetitions)

8am--video #1 and video #2 

1pm--video #1 and video #2 

7pm--video #1 and video #2

Be gentle with yourself! This is a journey..not a race.

If you'd rather use a transcript of the tapping, I've attached the transcript here. Feel free to download it and follow along.