2020 10 16

Super fun live today!!! Thanks to all of you who participated. The first tapping we did was for getting comfortable with MONEY!!! …charging more…deserving more…allowing higher level clients.
Then we moved on to some tapping for a painful and burning left groin muscle (and old thing)…that needed release and balance.
Next up was some really interesting tapping for a situation involving cat (yes CAT!) behavior….that was actually a mirror for the cat owner to use greater discernment in her life. Really interesting. Our critters are always teaching us.
Last was tapping for a gut/intestinal issue that’s causing burping. This issue was related to a fear of “who will I be–and will I still fit in” if I let go of this old stuff. Excellent work!
**And for all of you who want to have a “look” at what’s under your pain or issue–you need my free gift! This is a tool you’ll use over and over again.

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