Beat Food Cravings

While pain relief is my speciality, I wanted to share this cool useful technique with all of you.  I developed it in response to a request from one of my clients to have a way to stop a food craving wile she was sitting at a table in a public place, but didn't want to head to the ladies room to tap.  It doesn't deal with any underlying emotional issues, but is effective and fun.

Anyone who has struggled with overeating knows that willpower alone is not very effective at beating those cravings! That's because willpower does nothing to address the emotional cause of our wanting to eat. EFT ("tapping") however goes direct to the root cause, helping you easily release the trapped emotions and freeing yourself from cravings.

beat food cravings

Since we all understand that our emotions have a profound influence on our eating/over eating and weight, I'd like to share with you two people who offer fantastic packages for weight loss using EFT Tapping.  I have personal experience with both of these practitioners, and highly recommend them