Tapping for Grief

In this video I discuss death, dying, grief and what happens when you when you die. I want you to know that your loved ones who have left their bodies do NOT want you to be sad!

I will also take you through a Tapping process I created to help you release grief and shift your perspective on dying.

Losing someone you love is always tough, often too painful to describe. Grief is a real, tangible thing for those of us who are left in this form.

Whenever someone you care about passes, it leaves a hole in your life, a constant reminder of loss. And that everyday reminder can mean you could get stuck with the constant pain, which is really not the ideal state to live your life in.

If you're going through the grieving process, I want to do what I can to help you. Tapping (EFT) is a great tool that can help us release emotions, so you can experience them fully and then be able to move on in freedom.