2020 11 06

Welcome to all the new members! I took a few minutes to first explain what I do when I’m working live in the group. And to mention some great resources I have for you.
First is my YouTube channel link–I have about 150 videos here designed to help YOU–and I’ve had well over 100k views!
For tapping today we did some around a family lawsuit and letting go of all the anger and other emotions around that.
Next up was tapping to release fear and replace it with it’s opposite (hint–it’s not courage or bravery!)
Then we moved into some tapping for mouth pain at a 4-5 (on scale with 10 as highest) related to anger and rage. The pain dropped to a 2 in about 2-3 minutes of tapping work.
Last tapping was to repair a family estrangement.
Great work today! Thanks to all of you who participated!
Want to know what’s REALLY underneath your pain or issue?
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