2021 01 26

I started off this live talking about a wonderful post by a member. We had tapped a bit on a live a couple weeks ago and she has had some really useful and illuminating memories surface as a result.
First tapping was for head congestion–her congestion started at a 10 (scale of 0-10 with 10 greatest congestion) and dropped to a 6 and completely clear on the right side.
Next up was tension in shoulders related to being a caregiver for an ill husband. Some surprising things turned up in this one! Her tension level dropped from 7 to a 3.
I also got to answer a question about how many times should I tap on a particular point? Do you know the answer?
We ended the session with a bit of something new I’m working on that got good results from everyone! Watch to the end for this.
Great work today and many thanks to all of you who participated! YOU ROCK!!

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