Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Plan

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In the first video we will clear some of the "classic" emotions that I know tend to trigger pain.  In the second 24 minute video we will target more specific causes of your pain.   You may be asking, "Do I need both?"  The answer is yes, you absolutely do!  Please use these in order the first time you do this work to get the best result.

Full Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief Video (50 mins)


Full Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief Part 2 (24 mins)

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Plus Your Bonus Videos

Grounding Exercises (5 mins)

Brain Balancing Meditation (6 mins)

Chakra Clearing Meditation (15 mins)

When Tapping Isn’t Working (12 mins)

Why We Bring Up the Negative When Tapping (4 mins)