Welcome to Breakthrough!

Breakthrough calls take place on Zoom on Wednesdays the first three weeks of each month, alternating times.  Each call is 90 minutes.

Beginning October, 2022 - Meetings will be on Thursday evenings 7PM EST in person (in the Boynton Beach, Fl. area) or on Zoom. (NOTE - 2 special meetings in Sept. on 9/15 and 9/22 are in person and on zoom - bonus meetings for current members!) 

Occasional adjustments will be made to the schedule for holidays etc.  Please simply check the monthly schedule posted on the member dashboard. 

* Because of differences in time zones in the world and Daylight Savings Time, please always double-check the time for your area here.

Here’s the Zoom link (for those on Zoom)  we will use for each call: zoomSharon.com
*Please bookmark this page for your convenience.

For those in person in the Boynton Beach, Fl. area, check the member Facebook page for the address. 

How the Calls Work:

I work with several volunteers each meeting. 

(For Zoom participants: All members will be muted on Zoom so everyone can hear without distraction.  If you prefer to have your camera off, that’s fine….but being able to see each other as we work together is powerful.)

I will ask for volunteers on the calls.

If you would like to work with me, please "raise your hand" at the appropriate time.  I will go with the first person to do so. If I’ve worked with you on a previous call, I ask that you please not raise your hand, so as to give someone new a chance. However, if no one else raises their hand, I will open it to everyone.

Please do remember that pain is my specialty...both physical & emotional….and I’m engaging my highly developed intuitive ability with each volunteer. 

Please be sure to tap along with ALL of the work in the meetings. You are lending your energy to the entire group….even in replay….and you will receive some surprising benefits from tapping for another person’s issue. Frequently the results are amazing!

What we create resonates.

What to do between calls?

Here’s the link to our Facebook group...it’s an excellent place to hang out with other group members. 

I recommend you do some tapping every day.  Our group replays are available in the library. Even a few minutes of tapping can shift your physical/mental/emotional state.  It’s a powerful tool!

Please feel free to tap along with some of my YouTube videos--click here to access my channel.