2020 09 25

Want to know what’s keeping you from getting out of pain? Are you ready to let it go? I’m here to help. Let’s schedule a chat.
I have a simple explanation for why there are SO many unsettling, upsetting and downright awful things happening in the world right now. Aren’t you curious?
We did a ton of tapping today……starting with pain in a broken arm….not being believed…..then we moved into tapping for feeling like you don’t deserve to be well…or even to live….
Next was an issue with getting mad at your mother then feeling guilty about it (haha of course that NEVER happens to any of us!)
Last was some interesting tapping for knee pain. Her pain level was an 8 in both knees…then dropped to 0 in one and 2 in the other.
Thanks to all of you who participated in the live today!!

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