2020 12 01

Hi Friends!
What is pain really? That’s my first topic today. …then on to tapping requests.
First for jaw clenching –all the time–had anger and a whole lot of fear under it….her intensity level dropped from and 8 to a 6…this also had to do with some childhood issues and I recommended one of my YouTube videos to her.
Next tapping was for anger (and fear under it) over husbands failing mental and physical health. Intensity level went from 9 to at 5.
*Last I talked about some new work I’m currently learning…..from my Angel. I’ll be introducing this cool new work here in the group in the very near future.
Solid work today! I appreciate everyone who participated!
As promised, here’s the link to my free gift: https://apainplan.com/stop-the-pain/

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