2020 11 13

Welcome to our new members! In this live we started out with some tapping to let go of stress and uncertainty. It’s been a challenging couple of weeks for the world and I think we need some calm.
The only tapping request today was for right side and right arm pain…this was due to her spending waaaay too many hours painting woodwork recently. When we started her pain level was at a 7 (0-10 with 10 being agony)…and dropped to a 2 in just a couple minutes of tapping. Well done!
We closed with a guided visualization designed to fill you with love.
I have over 150 videos on my YouTube channel and each one is designed to help you. These are a great free resource! Here’s the link:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvCrJCleC6ZGvbajgwMx5Xw
Here’s the link to my free gift The Pain Solution Breakthrough!https://apainplan.com/stop-the-pain/
For those of you who may be interested in working privately with me—I look forward to hearing from you! Here’s the link:https://apainplan.com/sessions/

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