2020 11 20

While these live sessions and my YouTube videos can provide you with some help..they are only a very small “bite” of the transformation you can achieve working privately with me. If you’re considering the next step, let’s schedule a conversation:
For tapping today first up was pain in the lower left side of the back. She experienced only a slight reduction in pain level but we also both think ( from the chat) that we weren’t working with a core issue.
Next up was some really interesting tapping for rosacea which had turned up as a result of acid reflux. I didn’t know these two were related but another person in the chat ALSO had both.
Here’s what Tina had to say 2 days after this work: “Well I joined your session on Friday and i had an incredible response with my Rosacea. I am definitely going to watch more videos. NAMASTE. I am so jazzed about this.”

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