2020 11 27

Welcome to our new members! Since some of you may be new to mind body techniques and tapping, I wanted to give you a good explanation of what tapping is and how it works.
WOW! Such a great bunch of tapping requests today! First up was to help someone feeling sad and powerless because her son is having a difficult time.
Next up was tapping to feel childlike joy again. We ALL need this one right now!!!
Then we did some tapping to help with grinding her teeth due to stress and anger.
Last up was tapping for a very stiff neck–level was a 9 and dropped to a 4 in just a couple minutes. Try it!
**As promised here’s the link to my YouTube channel where I have over 150 videos to help you with a huge variety of pain and other issues. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvCrJCleC6ZGvbajgwMx5Xw
**and also to my free gift that I talked about in this live!

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