Let’s Talk About Pain

Today I'm going to talk briefly about pain. Since it's likely that most of you are subscribed here because you or someone you love has pain, we'll also do some tapping.  

My "Web Wizard", Lori has explained that we really don't have room on the site to properly display ALL the great free videos I've created in an organized fashion...and since I continue to create more all the time I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channelNow some cool things happen when you subscribe there. YouTube will send you a little notice every time I produce a new video and they will also "recommend" my videos to other people. The other things that YouTube really likes are for you to "like" my videos and to leave me a comment.

I love getting feedback on my work and respond to comments. Why does YouTube like this? Well, my data scientist daughter explained that this is an algorithm they use and that YouTube "recommends" videos that get likes and comments. How does this actually work? I have no clue, but I do know that it gives me the ability to reach and help more folks just like you!  How cool is that??!!

I appreciate you!
– Sharon

Do you hurt in your knees, lower back or wrist? I can help with your pain!  

  • August 20, 2019
  • Pain

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