2020 08 14

Hi Friends! I tell a fun story in this one about burning my fingers…and the tapping I did for the emergency….and the truly miraculous results. Then I moved into a request for tapping to stop procrastinating about tapping and Qi Gong. These are good self care practices and resisting them can come from a couple of different feeling (that little voice in our head).
Last was a nice new meditation I haven’t done here before.
Toni Tonina Bancroft asked me a great question about the burn tapping in the comments below this video.
She basically asked about wording I used that DIDN”T involve emotions. Which made me realize something really cool and useful. There is a difference for me between tapping for an emergency/urgent pain or injury.
In the heat of the moment I DON”T bother to address emotions–only pain and trauma. I’ve done this with others too and just realized the distinction.
Burns are related to anger and I DID go in the following day or so and tap to release the thing I was angry about (I knew exactly what it was). I understood if I failed to work with the emotional stuff that I was at risk of other painful things happening.
Trapped emotions will ALWAYS find a way to express and get our attention. This may need to be a new video!

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