2021 02 19

Super fun live today! First tapping was for a painful right shoulder–pain level dropped from a 5 to 2.
Next up was tapping for jaw pain related to job stress and a need for better work life balance. We did a couple of different things for this including some of my neurological work…and her pain level went from 5 to 2.
Then we did some tapping for a throat issue related to her feeling like she is responsible for making/keeping everyone happy. She started at a 10 which dropped to 8.5 while tapping for the two first ones. Then dropped to a 6 when we worked with her specifically. This is an excellent illustration of “borrowing benefits” and why you want to tap along with ALL of these. Great progress.
We ended the time with a guided visualization for being in the “flow” of everything you want.
Thanks to everyone who participated in this live today!
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