Shopping and Brain Boost

I visited my daughter in Florida a couple weeks ago. We always manage to have a great time together and both have a love of shopping. During the past year she's become really interested in high end designer consignment shops– there are MANY in the area where she lives. So we just had to check out a couple of new ones! While shopping I had an occasion to teach someone my 30 Second Brain Boost. Watch the video below– you'll get to hear how my teaching opportunity came up and also how to do the 30 Second Brain Boost! I know you'll use it! 

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We all could use a little help. Are you in the need of a Brain Boost? Do you have 30 seconds to spare? Learn how to BOOST your brain in only 30 Seconds by watching today's video below.

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Again, you can watch today's videobelow!

– Sharon

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  • September 27, 2019
  • Pain

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