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Meditate? You bet!!!
Do you make New Years resolutions? I usually don't, but I definitely do "take stock" of the past year and consider[...]
I have a little trouble knowing when I need help and asking for it.  It sometimes makes me feel weak or incompetent[...]
EFT Tapping for Holiday Stress and Anxiety
We all look forward to the holidays! Right? Ok, well most of us do....most of the time. We spend tons[...]
More Critter Stuff
Stay with me folks– I'm on a roll here! Last time I talked about ways you can help your animal[...]
I love animals...ALL animals...and creepy crawleys too (but more about them another day). I am firmly convinced that animals are[...]
PAIN! What is it…why are you having it..and how I can help you
Since so many of you have contacted me asking about private work in the last year, I'm now offering a[...]
Energy Tool for Being Calm & Confident
Don't you have at least one thing coming up that you're stressing over? I think most of us do.....some of[...]
Shopping and Brain Boost
I visited my daughter in Florida a couple weeks ago. We always manage to have a great time together and[...]
Self Care Is Important
We all know we need to practice good self-care...but there are so many distractions in life that we sometimes forget.[...]
How to get the MOST out of your Tapping
You may be missing out on some of the best benefits of Tapping.  As with most things, we improve with[...]

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